Mar 18, 2011

Travel the Road

"If you must choose between being eclectic and various or being repetitious and boring, be repetitious and boring." -Richard Hugo, The Triggering Town

So I went to watch Rango a second time this evening, all for one particular scene which happened near the end of the movie, where Rango is banished from town and he goes back to where he started from. He comes upon the expressway that splits the land into two, with cars passing in both directions mercilessly fast. With nothing left to believe in, he steps out onto the highway and walks to his certain death. The cars and trucks pass above him - a little lizard finding his way across, finding himself - without stopping or swerving to avoid him.

Like a miracle Rango crosses the highway, collapses, and wakes in the day to find himself in the presence of the Spirit of the West, who gives him one damn good advice:

"No man can walk out of his own story."

I cried.

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