Mar 17, 2011

free beer and great company

I'm trying, I'm trying at least to write something. I just had 4 cans of Tiger out of 6 - the other 2 I shared with 2 cool dudes at my place as I was passing them. I did beforehand said that I'd share beer with whoever I come across. Whee! I'm feeling it! Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty! The only way to break free from consciousness into spontaneity is by bypassing the mind! And so I did with my little experiment of getting myself high! High! HIGH!

Of course, I mustn't get myself wasted, no. The whole idea is to become high enough to still be able to write, without having to go overboard and end up sleeping before any work is done. I mean, Kerouac got his benzedrine which I don't know what sort of drug that is and most likely won't have access to it here, so the only way is to down alcohol, huge amounts such that it is enough to cross the threshold of consciousness and enter into trance-like writing. As I am doing so right now; although, I am still not exactly over since I am still aware of my spelling errors and grammar.

I managed to acquaint myself with 2 guys by offering them a can of beer each. One's the friend of the other who's a resident here too. We drank, chatted a bit. They told me they're 18, although, they could be anywhere between 16-18 and I'd be offering them beer illegally! But the whole point was to drink together, have some company, say interesting and random stuff and just be who we are! But I was on my fourth can when they were on their first, so I cannot determine if that is fair, but I guess we hit off somehow. Next time if I chance upon them again I'll surely buy more beer for all of us. Hoorah!

I think I may end up like Kerouac someday, like my hero, imagine that! Who died from consuming too much alcohol! But! It's the only way I can tap into the spontaneity of writing; otherwise, my mind will be too conscious to disallow my fingers to reign free on the keyboard or with the pencil. I've been struggling! Yes, this is how a struggling writer will end up! Struggling, drunk, and poisoned by alcohol in the long run! What for? Just so the world can read his fucking tragedy. Yes.

Well, if you're living around CCK or better still in the Warren condo, please please please I have free beer and good company for you. Let me know - PM me!

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