Apr 22, 2011

Sisyphus's Fate

Two weeks now I have been hiding in my cave, once again, reading books. Two weeks later, today, I find myself on the edge of a new cliff, higher than any which I've climbed onto before. With this depth confronting me, I am once again to bid farewell to the familiar world. Goodbye, world, goodbye! I have nothing to give to you that which you want from me. What I have is nothing that you need; what you have is nothing that I need. Hence I will now jump into the maddening depths of the soul again. Like Sisyphus, who is chained to his eternal task of rolling a rock up a hill only to have it roll back down nearing its finale, so will I climb my cliffs only to throw myself off the edges. I have no more dignity to offer you: what remains of it, please, let me hold on to it if only to offer myself a little pride for my despicable fate.

What is worse than an eternal recurrence is to regain consciousness of your existence.

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